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591 Pritchard Avenue

May 27, 2018
Sunday: 11:00am - 4:00pm

The Labour Temple is the headquarters of the Winnipeg branch and the national office of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, a progressive organization which offers cultural, social and educational activities. Constructed in 1918-1919, it is the largest Ukrainian Labour Temple in Canada. The Winnipeg hall was built by volunteer labour and financed by donations from the newly arrived Ukrainian community. For much of its life it was the focus for Ukrainian culture, and worker and farmer activism. It is the only surviving labour hall associated with the events of the Winnipeg General Strike. The Ukrainian Labour Temple holds heritage designations from all three level of government. The building continues to be a vibrant centre for progressive culture and politics and remains a focal point for the Ukrainian community.

We will also have our Ivan Franko Museum open at this time. The museum shows the life and work of this 19th century Ukrainian writer, poet and social activist

Tours will run throughout the day, lasting a half an hour.

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