IMG_2453Celebrating the Stories Our Buildings Tell

Each year on the last weekend of May, Heritage Winnipeg presents the Doors Open Winnipeg event. This free community event is one of many Doors Open events that take place across the country and around the world, cultivating appreciation for built heritage.

In Winnipeg, Doors Open has attracted over a quarter of a million site visits to date, with visitors from diverse social and economic backgrounds. This event provides a valuable opportunity to explore, educate, and foster appreciation for Winnipeg’s built and cultural heritage.

Participating building owners organize their own events, volunteers, and decide the hours that their building will be open to the public. We strongly encourage offering guided tours, and including events such as exhibits, performances, or culturally-relevant food options to enhance the experience. Buildings are also responsible for providing a photo and paragraph to Heritage Winnipeg for use on this website. The paragraph tells visitors what to expect when they arrive at your building. For examples, see the Indoor Tours & Events page.

Walking tours and heritage-related events are also welcome additions to the Doors Open event. Examples of this year’s events can be found on the Outdoor Tours & Events page.

Interested in participating? Contact Heritage Winnipeg’s Executive Director, Cindy Tugwell, at